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Broadway Magic Foundation is a non-profit public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation who operates for educational and charitable purposes. We were established March 2021. We are located at Stagelights Performing Arts Center and support programs at Stagelights as well as in the broader Tampa Bay community. The synergies created by working in collaboration with Stagelights enable us to offer more programs to children in our community and broaden our education outreach activities.


Broadway Magic was born from founder and Executive Director Lisa Ferlita's dual passions: performing arts education and giving back to her community. Lisa has been passionate about the performing arts since, as she says, birth.  She spent ten years performing professionally in New York, nationally, and internationally before discovering her love for teaching. She began teaching and has never looked back.  

Lisa took a leap of faith during the COVID pandemic and opened her own studio Stagelights Performing Arts Center. As a small business owner, she has worked tirelessly to create a program where children can grow and thrive. Lisa's compassion, energy, and love of her students has no limits.  She quickly realized that performing arts training costs were a challenge for some of her students and, as a small business owner, she did not have the financial bandwidth to help her students with training costs.  She watched children drop out of classes they loved as their parents lost jobs during the pandemic. Lisa really wanted to help all children to have opportunities to train and realized she needed a way to provide scholarships for classes.


In addition to teaching, Lisa is a mother. Her beautiful daughter, Lucy, has complex medical conditions which limit her mobility. Lisa spent years as a stay at home mom caring for Lucy and feels blessed to have nursing care to assist her today. Once she had help with Lucy, she wanted to do more and give children like Lucy opportunities to have performing arts and creative movement in their life. 

Broadway Magic Foundation enables Lisa to help her students and children like her daughter. She is thrilled to launch this non-profit and give back to her community. 

"Broadway Magic Foundation is small but mighty," says Lisa. "The team of volunteers is committed to helping children in our community, one child at time. On a personal level, it enables me to fulfill a promise I made to my son, Vincent, to be the best person I can be, every day."


Board of Directors

Executive Director/President: Lisa Ferlita

Vice President/Treasurer: Linda Langiotti

Director/Fundraising: Marilyn Gauthier

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors as a volunteer, please let us know via our Contact Page.


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